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This is the wall in my kitchen. Not only is super motivating, it also reminds me that maybe I shouldn’t eat that third cookie.

I am officially training for my first half-marathon. I know, my stomach does the gurgle-ees (gurglies? gurgles? gurgleups?)  thinking about it too. The wonderful ladies of Stroller Warriors here at Camp Lejeune are throwing together a half marathon on October 5th called Have to Half. Not only is that a super cool name, but it’s also the end of my “Couch to Crazy” series. No seriously, I started on my couch and am now attempting a half. I have done a few 5k’s and 10k’s now, but nothing of this magnitude. I expect the first 6 miles to go pretty well, and the last 7ish to basically be the end of the World.

For someone who doesn’t particularly rule at running, this is a FREAKING HUGE DEAL. To me it is the equivalent of “You there, super fat guy in sweatpants! Do a back flip!” I am tempted to have my husband stand at mile 6 or 7 with a doughnut or beer to make sure I finish. Luckily, I do have a lot of wonderfully supportive friends who are encouraging me to not die, so I’m sure it’ll be fine. No seriously, the girls I run with are extremely motivating, our fearless leader is pretty well known for her mid-run ass slaps now, and unless you’re booking it, she’ll nail ya. I on the other hand cannot do anything but run and breathe, and sometimes I struggle with just those two. So when one of the gals passes me, and they say “Good job, Jess!” or “You’re doing great Jessica!” I reply with a “Thajkhdgkhdg (enter Darth Vader noises) Yuhhhh!” Which translates to Thank You in exhausted runner language.

I hear you asking the question “Why the crap would you run 13.1 miles FOR FUN!?!” And my answer is, “I HAVE NO IDEA, MAKE MY FRIENDS STOP MAKING ME DO THIS!” Well that would at least be part of it. The other half of my answer would be because it’s bucket list material and also I eat a lot and should therefore do a lot of cardio. Plus, ya know, zombie apocalypse. The whole reason I joined Stroller Warriors back in Okinawa was to get out of my apartment and make friends, and now here I am on a different continent, same group, doing even bigger things. That’s called motivation people. Or at least forced participation/friend pressure. Either way I love it. I hate running, but I love the feelings afterwards. I love being covered in sweat, gurgle tummied, wanting to pass out in the nearest grass even though I hate that stuff, and needing a cold beverage. That’s the moment reality sets in. That even if your pace sucked, you finished. Then all of these glorious tingly feelings come racing up to you and you feel like you can do it all over again.

So there’s my warrior update! I am currently training to finish the crazy train, and once I’m off the crazy train, I will be, AGAIN, training for a 20+ mile trail run in January.



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