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I uh…. don’t get out much. Okay I get out a little, but never to the places I really love. Like Forever 21. And H&M.

Don’t rub your eyes, you read that correctly, I CAN be girly when I want to be. Not as girly as about 95% of the other girls shopping in Forever 21, but I try. Today I had to drive into Raleigh again to say goodbye to my Dad (whose visit I shall blog about later), but I didn’t want to waste the whole day away at home, so we cruised a little bit. We checked out the State Farmers Market, which I wasn’t at all prepared for. It’s HUGE. I wanted one of everything. Somehow I managed to only come home with a jug of cider and some preserves, but next time it’s on like Peachy Kong. And by Peachy Kong I am of course referring to the Peaches that were the size of my face.

After that, and saying goodbye to the Pops, I dragged the little over to a mall I had slightly googled. My original plan was to go to a State Park nearby but the slight rain, and choice of slip flops told me I should maybe try something else. Come fall and cooler weather however, expect a blog post on that epic park. Anyway, onto the mall… I was really just wanting to get into a Forever 21 so I could feel old, and a Pottery Barn so I could feel poor. Mission Accomplished. I’ve always been a bit fashionably challenged, usually my outfit selections go jeans, white tank, shirt. The end. So I kind of need to spruce up things in my closet, and probably get rid of the things I’ve had that let’s face it… don’t belong on someone over the 25 year old hump. So today I spoiled myself a little bit.


Do you ever do this? I go window shopping sometimes and walk out with things for everyone but myself. But then a day like today comes by and I sort of splurge. Not financially, I’ll be honest, I’m a cheapskate. I’m that chick who is scouring clearance racks in the backs of stores while her kid plays angry birds. I suppose I like bright colors and Ikat, according to my buys today, but mostly you’ll catch me in t-shirts and flannels. Here’s to hoping I take on a bit more style in my Forever 21 old age. Someone please open a Forever 31 so I can not hang my head in shame while shopping in the lace & rainbow colored throw up that is Forever 21. And to add onto my slightly old feeling, I only walked about a 1/3 of the mall itself, as I ran out of parent patience and was tired of the mall already. I can only handle little doses. Now I need to go hiking and chug a beer and eat a steak. MAN STUFF HUZZAH!

I apologize for the iPhone photos. Go out this week and spoil yourself a little bit. I’m sure you deserve it for something.


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