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But I Am Le Tired

Oh blog, I’m so sorry for leaving you. You see, I went to rural Ohio, and, well wifi is a rare commodity there apparently.  It was a very nice week away, but oh how I missed my own little house. 5 states in less than a week. WHEW. And somehow we went to 3 different Zoos. I am ZOO-ed out. Seriously, if I saw another monkey, I’d punch it square in the face. Basically all of my photos are either out of a car window, or at a zoo. I went thrift shopping, and saw a lot of Amish people. This is really just a very terrible small blog post about how I went away, and am now back. Ha! Better posts on the horizon my friends, but here’s my little note in between couch comas and prepping for shark week. Speaking of which, here:


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