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Mind boggling.


I can appreciate the simplicity and hard work of Amish life. I cannot, however, imagine actually doing it longer than a week or so. But man do they have a kick ass safari park. While in Ohio, the relatives said we were gonna head out to Amish country. My only other Amish country experience had been in 8th grade on a trip to Intercourse, Pennsylvania, and basically all I remember is constant giggling about the name and the dude squirting milk straight out of a cow at us. This was a far better experience. It was a gorgeous day, the kind that makes you actually appreciate the middle of nowhere. I had no idea what to expect from an Amish zoo, but I imagined it would be something like the dilapidated animal parks in Okinawa. Man was I off. My grandmother was in the front with me, and the little was running amuck in the back with his Grandma.


SO I guess we know where I get my creature whispering from. My grandma could basically get anything to come up to her. I on the other hand scared zebras because I decided to stick half of my body out the window at them. So needless to say I would not fair well on an actual safari. I am really really good at making friends with Giraffe’s though. They’re my favorite.




Dreams made real, people.

I have ALWAYS wanted to feed giraffes. I pet them, baby talked at them, made faces, and almost cried. It was amazing. You feel so tiny.  I felt like racing home, building an odd shaped barn and having my own giraffe. Okay let’s be honest, I couldn’t handle that, but still! It was such a fun day of animal feeding and laughing. I couldn’t believe this was run by a bunch of Amish people, though I do see the appeal, and the money flow is probably tremendous. I did wonder though if there was an Ark hidden somewhere on the land.



I took about a thousand photos, and had to edit and narrow it down quite a bit. You’re lucky I didn’t bring home the mini donkey, husband. After walking around to see every single creature they own, we headed off to the market and winery for more goodies. I can’t imagine there’s much else to do in Amish country aside from what we accomplished in a few hours.


I’m still finding animal food pellets in my Jeep.


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I’ve done something wrong with my life, I haven’t road tripped until now.

This was only across a few States and with only my toddler in tow. And really, far less junk food than I would have required had I done this in my late teens, early twenties. I’m talking like an old woman now. I’m not, but to be fair the furthest road trip you could take in the area of Japan I lived in was about 3 or 4 hours depending on traffic. So now I’m making up for lost time. We recently traveled up to Carrollton, Ohio to visit some family, and this is post one on our trip.

Please excuse the fact that almost all of these photos are out my dirty Jeep windows, but I was trying to power through and not stop too much. The first photos I ended up taking were just before I crossed over into Virginia, when I spotted a mountain. Though if my husband has been with me, he would have reminded me that it’s not actually a Mountain if it wasn’t once a dinosaur murdering, active volcano, or as majestic as the Olympics. But when you live in the flat area we do, I was excited to see even one misshapen blob of Earth. I sacrificed a few minutes to pull over and check out the viewpoint for Pilot Mountain.



From there I drove on into Virginia, where I realized I hadn’t really looked at my route, and trusted my GPS fully, because I had no idea I was going to be driving in a bit of the Blue Ridge Mountains as well. I even passed the actual turn-off for the Blue Ridge Parkway. See you again in the fall, turn-off. I’ve heard it’s one of the most breathtaking places for Fall leaves, so I’m all over it. Seriously, Google image that nonsense and it will make your brain freak out about all things Autumn.



From there on out, all of the States pretty much blended together and looked exactly the same. Lots of green hills, tons of corn, and a whole lot of… ahem… interesting looking folks. I hadn’t seen a single trooper until I crossed over into VA. BAM! Cop after cop after cop. Good thing I don’t have a CA license plate on the Jeep or I may have been targeted for going a little over the limit. Oh yeah, 7 over, tops… I’m a wild one.




But really, it’s a very pretty drive, and I did get through two audio books each way. One of those books was Bossypants by Tina Fey, so if you happened to be driving next to me, I’m very sorry for the ugly face I make when I’m trying not to crash while laughing hysterically. I can imagine it looks something like if you gave a cow a facelift and threw M&M’s at it’s mouth. That’s the best analogy I can come up with. Try and imagine it. No? How about this one; When you’re driving and feel an epic sneeze coming on and know if you close your eyes you will kill 75 people in a pile up, but if you don’t close your eyes they will pop out of your skull. It’s sheer horror and maniacal laughter rolled into one. It ain’t pretty, people. If you’re going to road trip with a toddler really the only things I needed were a small backpack full of his favorite toys, a book or two, and all of his favorite snacks. The first time he got out of the car was at the VA rest stop and he ate it in the parking lot. With skinned knees, blood all over, he looked at me and said “I DON’T WANT VIRGINIA!” You and me both bud, you and me both. It was a wonderful first road trip, and I’m glad we got to count cows. I totally.played the license plate game by myself. HIGH SCORE BITHEZ. Also hey, look at me posting a travel post on Travel Tuesday, about time right?!?!

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