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As you can see, New Bern is really, really hideous.

Oh who am I kidding, it’s adorable. All of the houses on this street looked like the doll houses I begged for and never received. Lookin’ at you parents! To make them even better, most of them were little B&B’s. Swoon worthy little B&B’s. Dreamy little B&B’s.  It was such a sleepy little town. No really, we went on the wrong day and basically everyone was sleeping. I am not accustomed to the South and how Sundays and Mondays are basically off days for everyone. They don’t really do that in Southern California, instead, mornings things are closed if the surf is good, and open if the surf the prior evening was bad.


There is no surf here. But everything is closed. Brain does not compute.

Thankfully, there were a couple of shops open we could cruise and escape the heat for a moment. The HEAT. Oh man, another Southern staple I am not a fan of. I like the sunshine… and the thunderstorms, but the heat? No thank you, sir. I do like on the sleep days how a lot of the shop owners had their dogs with them. One shop had a multitude of Corgis, one of which slept in a playpen which was squee worthy.  I think I’ll make a few more trips to check out the Farmers Market, bike rentals, carriage rides, and a few of the restaurants. We ended up back at our favorite sushi joint, Ginza Japan.


It’s a bummer I don’t drink soda, and never have, or I’d probably be really excited about it being the birthplace of Pepsi.




Oh and did I mention there’s bears everywhere?


No not those kinds of bears. These:


Please excuse my child.


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