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So, lately I’ve won a few giveaways. I don’t know how. I have ZERO luck. I lose raffles consistently, unless my husband has physically touched the tickets, in which case he wins at basically all of them.  SO imagine my surprise when I didn’t win one, but THREE giveaways in the past two months.  I’ve been meaning to blog about them because I like to share the wealth of information and show that sometimes, I get reminders that life does NOT suck for me.  The most recent giveaway was one from My Three Bittles, where she held a giveaway for The Pasta Shoppe. Are you kidding me?! As a runner, this is a glorious win. Imagine the possibilities of fun pre-race meals! I can’t wait to stuff my face with these cute little pastas!  Amber from My Three Bittles is basically the cutest, and I LOVE that she is always doing so many fun things with her kiddos. She’s also completely down to Earth which I totally dig in a blogger.


Previous to THAT win, I won a giveaway through Not Just A Mommy!,  for Pear Tree Greetings. Um, perfect much!?! We have actually never had actual family photos done. Or ever sent actual photo holiday cards, so this is huge and so meaningful for me. It’s motivating me to plan our photos and send them out to our family, who have been BEGGING us for nice photos. And not only did I win the $50, but Pear Tree Greetings included the extra $7 for shipping to my house. As a family adjusting back to living in the States (financially, that is), and being so far from our family, this means the world to me. For the first time ever, we get to send, at the very least, our smiling faces to our families for the holidays. Talk about a blessing!
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Last but not least, I won my very first blog giveaway with Hello Two AM,  for the etsy shop Earth Cookie Creations. Yeah. SPOILED ROTTEN, I AM. SO many adorable thingssssss! Stormy from Hello Two AM is basically amazing. We bond on all things nerdy and her kids are freakin’ adorable. We’ve known each other online for a while now, back from the ol’ myspace days. So when I won my first giveaway through her, it was meant to be I suppose. I ended up ordering some things for my craft room, but when they arrived they were all so cute that they ended up all over the place. The bat clips are in my zombie kitchen, the purple clips actually made it into the craft room. The Christmas countdown will of course, be used this Christmas, and I can’t wait to make more stuff for it. And finally, and AWESOME rag garland that I haven’t quite decided what to do with, it can basically go in three different rooms of my home and I’m having trouble choosing, haha.





Oh I suppose I did find a temporary home for the rag garland, when I wore it as a pretty ghillie suit to get a laugh out of my fellow military wives. Tee Hee.



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