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I have a few travel posts to get to, don’t I? Nothing exotic mind you, I’m still waiting on that random millionaire to hand me a check for being awesome. Then again, I just moved from a small island in Japan, I’m all good on exotic for a bit I think. So let’s rewind back to July, where I got to finally explore a little bit of Raleigh.


Yeah, I meant a little bit. Apparently the 4th of July fest in Raleigh is srs bzns. Fighting through the crowd was something else. I assume there were vendors, I think I got close to maybe two of them.  This is where the whole Californian in me gets reaaaallll depressed. Street fairs back home are incredibly laid back, holiday or not. People bring their dogs, stroll around with local coffee, and shop at their leisure. This was more of a clusterfack of people needing iced beverages and over priced light up doodads. But, nevertheless, I did still get to see a little bit of downtown Raleigh, and I WILL be back to eat at all of the restaurants. And sight see (but mostly eat food).  At this point I was missing big cities, so I was soaking up everything I could.


Yes ladies and gents, you read that right, DEEP FRIED GIRL SCOUT COOKIES. Is there a girl scout patch for childhood obesity? SIGN ME UP. I actually did not partake in this ridiculousness this go around, but if I see them out on the streets again, I’m all over it. Just for the sake of saying I ate something so insane. I know they do things differently in the South, but really!? Also check out that Christian Science reading room. Now there’s a place I’d like to pick up a brochure in, scowl, laugh, and walk out of. I really wish I’d been that creep to take pictures of the crowd, because whew, there are some real winners in Raleigh.


Like these people for instance. WINNER STUFF. I’m not sure how well I’d pedal and drink beer at the same time, but I’m willing to give it a go.  They were cruisin’! I missed the smorgasbord of insanity that is a bigger city.


At some point my stomach made it’s point rather clearly that if I didn’t eat something I would probably keel over. The lines for truck food were meh, so off to ZPizza! I forgot to mention that about 4 or 5 restaurants had cornhole game sets right outside. So I may be in a big city, but it’s still the South. Anyway, my Dad and I taught the mini to play cornhole, which he CLEARLY cheats at. The food was awesome, we were directly behind a stage that at first was rocking out, and then somehow turned into an intro to a myriad of international sports teams. For 20 minutes of looking directly at them, I still don’t know what sport they played. My best guess was frisbee. That’s a thing right?




I definitely have a lot more of Raleigh to explore. Overall it was a lovely little side trip from the airport to catch some holiday goodness and totally drag my guys around. Sorry for immediately dragging you all over Dad, please come back someday.


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