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In a Flurry


My first snowfall went as expected. I complained about the cold, went into work, came out of work, and got hit in the eye by a snowflake. Mother Nature is mocking me. I drove home in the flurries, stayed by the window until 11pm watching it in the streetlight glow. It was magical. Then I woke up the next morning to this. My first, REAL, snowfall. I’ve seen snow, I’ve played in it, I’ve gone skiing in it, but those were vacations. I’ve never gotten up from my own bed, looked out the window, and seen snow. I’m from San Diego, if I want snow, I drive a few hours, haha.


It was so much fun seeing the strange white, cold stuff all over the place. I was pretty close to waking my kiddo up out of excitement. But, ya know, that means waking him up, and yeah, no thanks. Last time I blogged, I was talking about job searching. Now here I am, with two jobs, a kid in preschool, and another HUGE decision on the horizon. Times are a-changin’! Keeping balance of life lately has been a little difficult. I made something in the crockpot for the first time, and made my first chowder. Both were meh. Timing the kiddo in school, two jobs, working around the husbands schedule, and still being a Mom & Wife at home is DIFFICULT. I give working Moms so much credit, especially now that I am one. Someday I will get this stuff down right. I thought I did a lot of To Do Lists before, but I think I need more of them now. Which is nuts. I write everything down. I can thank my Mom for that one. Funny how life comes along and make you feel like a really big asshole for complaining to your Mom about hating lists. Now I live by them.


A lot of people were saying this wasn’t “real” snow. But EXCUSE ME, it’s cold, white, frozen stuff and it’s stuck around until late morning, so those people can suck it. Plus, I’m a San Diegan, it’s real for me. I immediately cleaned my living room and threw up the Christmas tree. But in true Southern form, this weather lasted all of two days and went back to weather in the 70’s and no sign snow again. The cold weather left and took my Christmas tidings with it. My tree sits, un-lit, un-decorated, and very much a vacuuming hassle.



And really, any excuse for me to where my fuzzy boots.



My poor child, as soon as he woke up, I carried him downstairs and forced him to look at it. Much to my chagrin, he was ecstatic. He did ask where the snowmen were, so hopefully we get some decent snow this year and I can teach him that they don’t just fall from the sky. Thank God. Could you imagine a snowman falling onto your roof? Stuff of nightmares. It’s been about a week since this snowfall, and still, morning wake ups include the “Where the snow, Mommy?” He sure is half a Washingtonian.


Anyway, just a quick update on why my poor blog is so neglected and a little bit of what I’ve been up to in the meantime.


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Job Hunting at 26.

Step aside ya little high school twerps, this old lady needs a JOB.

That’s right ladies and gentleman, I am BACK. After a 5 year stint as a stay-at-home Mommy, and expat in Japan, I am trying to get back into the workforce. I will admit, I did get a little bit nervous before my interview this morning at Michael’s. But as soon as I sat down, I knew it would go well. I crushed it, in fact. Now with no recent job experience and not even a smidge of college done, I could see where I might get trumped by a teenager still. BUT I am very outgoing, and since I’m a Mom and Wife, basically a workhorse, I should get a leg up with the responsibility aspect of life, too. I also received a interview summons from Old Navy, which coincidentally is right next door to Michael’s. So if all goes according to master plan in my brain right now, I will do both and somehow amass enough hours to cover the childcare needed for me to have a job, and still have money to blow on races. I mean save up.

I will say though, it makes me feel understandably under-accomplished. Yes I’m a rad Mom, and a kickass Wife, but other than running, I don’t really DO much. I am planning for baby number 2, and college, so I suppose I have goals at least. My darling husband makes jokes at me expense to the tune of “If you get hired at Michael’s, will you even have a paycheck leftover?” Which, let’s be fair, there’s a giant chance I will be overcome at both jobs by the need to buy things within the store. I can’t help it if they both rock my socks.

So I am hopeful, and crossing fingers and toes they both hire me. Yes they are both Seasonal, yes I will be working over the holidays, but meh, we weren’t going anywhere this year anyway, and it will be amazing to get the experience (and therein paycheck) for when we do decide to travel again. For now though I am wishing and hoping and praying to get these seemingly small jobs and get back to having some sort of schedule aside from:
1. Roll out of bed.

2. Drive child to school.

3. Hope someone invites you out/ Go running

4. Pick up child from school.

5. Sit here.

6. Go back to bed.


Thankfully this is a military town and they are understanding of the whole 5 year gap in my resume. Well maybe not so much resume, as “I thiiiiiiink that’s when my last job was.” Plus like I said, it’s Seasonal and they need bodies. IE: Me. Whatever, I’m excited. And I needed to write it down as a reminder when I’m working Black Friday and want to punch someone in the face. While smiling. Because I’m happy, but will not be trampled!  Besides I’m 26 now, respect your elders and all that. HA!

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So, lately I’ve won a few giveaways. I don’t know how. I have ZERO luck. I lose raffles consistently, unless my husband has physically touched the tickets, in which case he wins at basically all of them.  SO imagine my surprise when I didn’t win one, but THREE giveaways in the past two months.  I’ve been meaning to blog about them because I like to share the wealth of information and show that sometimes, I get reminders that life does NOT suck for me.  The most recent giveaway was one from My Three Bittles, where she held a giveaway for The Pasta Shoppe. Are you kidding me?! As a runner, this is a glorious win. Imagine the possibilities of fun pre-race meals! I can’t wait to stuff my face with these cute little pastas!  Amber from My Three Bittles is basically the cutest, and I LOVE that she is always doing so many fun things with her kiddos. She’s also completely down to Earth which I totally dig in a blogger.


Previous to THAT win, I won a giveaway through Not Just A Mommy!,  for Pear Tree Greetings. Um, perfect much!?! We have actually never had actual family photos done. Or ever sent actual photo holiday cards, so this is huge and so meaningful for me. It’s motivating me to plan our photos and send them out to our family, who have been BEGGING us for nice photos. And not only did I win the $50, but Pear Tree Greetings included the extra $7 for shipping to my house. As a family adjusting back to living in the States (financially, that is), and being so far from our family, this means the world to me. For the first time ever, we get to send, at the very least, our smiling faces to our families for the holidays. Talk about a blessing!
PearTreeGreetings Logo
Last but not least, I won my very first blog giveaway with Hello Two AM,  for the etsy shop Earth Cookie Creations. Yeah. SPOILED ROTTEN, I AM. SO many adorable thingssssss! Stormy from Hello Two AM is basically amazing. We bond on all things nerdy and her kids are freakin’ adorable. We’ve known each other online for a while now, back from the ol’ myspace days. So when I won my first giveaway through her, it was meant to be I suppose. I ended up ordering some things for my craft room, but when they arrived they were all so cute that they ended up all over the place. The bat clips are in my zombie kitchen, the purple clips actually made it into the craft room. The Christmas countdown will of course, be used this Christmas, and I can’t wait to make more stuff for it. And finally, and AWESOME rag garland that I haven’t quite decided what to do with, it can basically go in three different rooms of my home and I’m having trouble choosing, haha.





Oh I suppose I did find a temporary home for the rag garland, when I wore it as a pretty ghillie suit to get a laugh out of my fellow military wives. Tee Hee.


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Rain is a Good Thing

Three days. It’s been raining for THREE DAYS.


The Californian in me wants to scream, the married to a Washington guy wants to dance in it. So when the inches and inches of rain created the puddles in our street like they normally do, we took the kiddo out to jump around. Burning energy is important for Mommy’s sanity.  Now that we have cooler weather and lots of rain, I’m starting to miss WA again. I just want to fill up my day pack, get a giant coffee from a drive-up stand, and spend the day in the trees. But alas… wrong coast. We have swamps here. And the only drive-up coffee place we have is Starbucks and the line is usually long and full of dysfunctional military families and Southerners who apparently need 7 coffees each.


But I’m still thankful for rain. It makes my husband happy. Kiddo loves puddle jumping. I love eating soup. See? It all works out for everyone. Well minus that fact that I haven’t been running, but after the half last weekend, my legs are probably more thankful than anything. I’ll be taking the rain as a reminder that when the weather is wonderful, I should be outside taking advantage. Let’s hope I can knock some fall bucket list items off when it clears up. Blue Ridge Parkway anyone? Yes. Let’s.



I love that my now 4 year old, still loves to do things he’s been doing since he could walk. He also does new things like telling me he missed me while he was at school, or calling me his best friend. I love him to pieces. Any time he wants to head out in 60 degree weather to jump in puddles, I’m all over it. Rain is a good thing.

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Thoughts Over Coffee

That’s the trick, isn’t it? When you’re 26, you’re still young. When you’re 26, a mother, and a military wife… you’re old.

The majority of military wives around here are at least 5 years younger than me. Still referring to their pets as children, and drinking with friends in their apartments because they’re not old enough for shady bars. I’ll be clear, that’s the majority, not the entire group. I’m sure there are some that sit around knitting or working hard at jobs they’re over-qualified for. I don’t sit around struggling with my age, in fact I forget that around here, I’m an old gal. I don’t think that’s just in the military world either. I think there’s a ton of 26 year olds out there contemplating whether they are actually feeling the oldest they’ve ever been, or that they’re somehow younger still.

I’m still young. I have so much more to experience. I have so many goals and dreams I lose count.

I do not use my time wisely enough.

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Sometimes I wake up in an old band shirt and I have Disney Princess hair. 

So really, I should have baby deer mowing my lawn, mice sweeping my floors, and little birds hanging up laundry. I think Disney owes me that much at the very least. They are, however, nowhere to be found, and I am left back on the grind. So like any Disney princess would do, I freak out about my life not being completely perfect. I know that’s a silly thing to say, but when things are going well, I like to focus on the tiny little problems. Doesn’t everyone do that? I hope I’m not the only one. Lately, my issue is competing for friendship.

I am in the Friendship Hunger Games. 

 I’m competing against no one in particular, but feeling like I have to constantly prove myself.  Do you have people like that in your life? That make you feel like you constantly have to impress them just to get some sort of friendship going? It’s obnoxious.  What do you WANT from me? Is there someone I could possibly throw a radioactive bee hive at to gain your friendship? While I am a pretty entertaining person, I am not here for your amusement. I’m not a court jester, I’m a mother freakin’ friendship princess. (By the way, this is the most I’ve ever said princess in my entire life). I am an AWESOME friend. Seriously if Voldemort held a personal vendetta against one of my friends, I’d be their freakin’ Ron Weasley (I can’t be Hermione, I’m not that smart).  I’m not saying all of my friendships have resulted in sunshine and rainbows, but the place I am now in life, I have wonderful friends, true hearted friends. I’m currently going through the friendship dating routine since we’ve just moved to a new place. I lucked out and had a few gals move with me from Okinawa basically, but I’m still out there trying to establish new friendships. Some have been coming along nicely, where they accepted my extreme nerdiness and awkward conversational skills, and others? Well, others have made me feel inadequate and unworthy of such friendship. Is there a mirror around here I can talk to?  Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who’s the not bitchassy-ness of them all? 

It’s hard out there for a princess. 

I suppose I should just ignore it and move on, focus it all on the women who enrich my life and don’t make me feel like Quasimodo.  Seriously, look at that guy, forever trying to get into a clique and ending up in a Church attic ringin’ bells and crap. If I up and say I’m moving into a Church, PLEASE bring me back to reality. I have great friends, I have a best friend, I have relationships I don’t have to prove myself for, and can be completely…myself! I don’t need to put myself out there over and over again and be ignored for whatever reason. I like who I am. I have people who invite me to things,  support me, and make me smile. Those are the people I should continue to grow with. From here on out, I’m done trying to murder people in the forest for people, I’m gonna go hang out in a meadow, put flowers in my hair, and tell all my new (and old) friends they’re the prettiest girls in all the land!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go do man stuff because this post was EXTREMELY girly. 


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3 Going On 17.

Someone should let my child know he turned four, not seventeen. If this is any indication of the attitude he will have as each birthday passes I am DOOMED. My boy is amazingly sweet, very adventurous, and loves to snack. He goes through small phases where he has to be the sassiest person alive, and since his birthday, has thrown three temper tantrums equivalent to an atomic bomb. I am not impressed. But then this magical thing happens. I meet or see other children who are either equal to one of those atomic bombs, or greater than. I’m reminded how amazing he is. He’s polite, normally he listens, and really he’s only four and I should give him a lot of credit. This year he wanted an Octonauts birthday. Unfortunately for him, all of those party supplies are really only readily available outside the U.S., so we moved onto his second favorite, Jake & The Neverland Pirates.


This was the first birthday he’s had in the United States. That’s a BIG deal for me. Life is much easier with the abundance of stores here in America that readily supply all things party time. Pinterest projects and recipes are now possible, so I went a little nuts.




See? I wasn’t lying. I had a lot of fun doing this birthday, and really besides food, all I had to do was a few decorations and the rest was hanging out with friends.  Our kiddo had a blast, everything went off without a hitch, the food all got devoured and the leftover cupcakes were sent to the shop with my husband so the men could eat them and I wouldn’t. I have no self-control over chocolate cupcakes.

Here’s a little bit about Jax now that he is four:

Favorite Food: it’s a toss up between PB&J’s and String cheese,

Favorite Color: ALL OF THEM.

Favorite Hobby: Anything outside, but mainly playgrounds.

Favorite Toy: I trip over trains and hotwheels the most, so those.

Favorite Clothing Item: Lightning McQueen chonies.

Favorite Time of Day: Either walking to the mail box or when Daddy comes home.

Most Used Words: “But, why??” “Faster!” “Can I has ____, please?” We’re working on the last one.

Favorite TV show: Mickey Mouse is still a major player, but really anything on Disney Jr., or Discovery animal shows.

Favorite Animal: Dragons.

Favorite night time activity: Watching lightning storms.

Random Facts:
– After our Ohio trip, he now assumes every time we leave the house we’re either going to the Zoo, or to see his bff Karleigh on base.

– He is pretty much potty trained at home now, with only a few accidents.

– Eventually he will snack us out of house and home.

– He still doesn’t care much to be on a bike, pedaling is apparently child labor.

– He reaaaallllyyy loves his grandparents. All of them. Talks about all of them constantly.

– He wants to see every little creature we find, but if he sees it first, he FREAKS OUT. Flies are the worst.

– He get’s really bummed when he goes outside and the moon and stars are gone.

– Out of all of the books he has, he makes Daddy read “Rocket Town” and Mommy reads “Good Night, Little Grover.” Every. Night.



I am so ready for the next year of adventures.

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