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One of the products Influenster recently sent me to try out was the Rimmel Retro Glam Mascara. Now if you’ve seen photos of me, you can clearly see the eyeballs I’m workin’ with. My husband says I look anime sometimes, lovely man that he is. So normally I don’t bother doing anything special with make-up on the ol’ peepers. Enter new mascara. I didn’t think my eyes could get much bigger, but SHAZAM, there they were!

IMG_4637[1]And since I just started working two jobs at once, it was kind of amazing timing. So THANK YOU Influenster and Rimmel, for making this tired, working mama, look a little better every day. The mascara is a little on the thick side, so if I’m in zombie mode in the morning, occasionally it gets a little clumpy. But otherwise I’m a fan of this stuff, and I’ll probably stick with the brand. They’ve changed my cheapo mascara buying ways. You can buy the new Retro Glam Mascara this month, November 2013!

I even used this for my make-up rundown for the Marine Corps ball with my first try at false lashes and they looked even more amazing! Oh and I loved pairing the mascara with my favorite up-do (in the photo above), and got compliments at work on the look! I hadn’t actually looked in depth at Rimmel products before but now, next time I cruise the make-up aisles, it’ll be the first spot I stop.

I can’t wait to try out everything else in my Rose VoxBox!


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In a Flurry


My first snowfall went as expected. I complained about the cold, went into work, came out of work, and got hit in the eye by a snowflake. Mother Nature is mocking me. I drove home in the flurries, stayed by the window until 11pm watching it in the streetlight glow. It was magical. Then I woke up the next morning to this. My first, REAL, snowfall. I’ve seen snow, I’ve played in it, I’ve gone skiing in it, but those were vacations. I’ve never gotten up from my own bed, looked out the window, and seen snow. I’m from San Diego, if I want snow, I drive a few hours, haha.


It was so much fun seeing the strange white, cold stuff all over the place. I was pretty close to waking my kiddo up out of excitement. But, ya know, that means waking him up, and yeah, no thanks. Last time I blogged, I was talking about job searching. Now here I am, with two jobs, a kid in preschool, and another HUGE decision on the horizon. Times are a-changin’! Keeping balance of life lately has been a little difficult. I made something in the crockpot for the first time, and made my first chowder. Both were meh. Timing the kiddo in school, two jobs, working around the husbands schedule, and still being a Mom & Wife at home is DIFFICULT. I give working Moms so much credit, especially now that I am one. Someday I will get this stuff down right. I thought I did a lot of To Do Lists before, but I think I need more of them now. Which is nuts. I write everything down. I can thank my Mom for that one. Funny how life comes along and make you feel like a really big asshole for complaining to your Mom about hating lists. Now I live by them.


A lot of people were saying this wasn’t “real” snow. But EXCUSE ME, it’s cold, white, frozen stuff and it’s stuck around until late morning, so those people can suck it. Plus, I’m a San Diegan, it’s real for me. I immediately cleaned my living room and threw up the Christmas tree. But in true Southern form, this weather lasted all of two days and went back to weather in the 70’s and no sign snow again. The cold weather left and took my Christmas tidings with it. My tree sits, un-lit, un-decorated, and very much a vacuuming hassle.



And really, any excuse for me to where my fuzzy boots.



My poor child, as soon as he woke up, I carried him downstairs and forced him to look at it. Much to my chagrin, he was ecstatic. He did ask where the snowmen were, so hopefully we get some decent snow this year and I can teach him that they don’t just fall from the sky. Thank God. Could you imagine a snowman falling onto your roof? Stuff of nightmares. It’s been about a week since this snowfall, and still, morning wake ups include the “Where the snow, Mommy?” He sure is half a Washingtonian.


Anyway, just a quick update on why my poor blog is so neglected and a little bit of what I’ve been up to in the meantime.

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