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Did you miss me? I missed me.
I have been SWAMPED. Quite literally, actually, as I’ve just ran my first mud run this past weekend, partly through an actual swamp. Prior to all of that excitement, I had not one, but two visits from very dear friends and lost track of my blogging schedule somewhere in the mix. So here’s to getting back to it! Not only did I get to spend time with Andrea, a gal I haven’t seen since my HS graduation, but my Mr. flew my best friend  Jenica out from California for a week over my birthday. Talk about spoiled! I’ve also been working on current friendships and new ones, so I am seriously feeling the love! I’ve taken on another side to me as well, as half of the leadership team for the Mini Warriors program for Stroller Warriors here in NC. WHEW. Catching up like this makes me sound much more busy than I am, most of my time is spent in the backyard with the kiddo or trying to nail down some sort of cleaning schedule for the ginormous house I decided to live in. More on that another day. Onto the good stuff.


This is my darling team for the MARSOC 5 mile mud run. +Jessie, my ride to and from said death march. My team did wonderfully, supporting my slower pace and yanking each other out of holes, we even came in 8th out of 36 teams! I’m not sure I’ve ever had that much fun during a race, nor have I ever felt as terrible in the days post race. Apparently when I wrapped my ankles, I should have done it differently. At about mile 4 I felt like I had ankle weights on and little did I know, I was destroying my achilles tendons and making awesome little blisters. BUT! Today I went up and down my stairs with no pain so I’ve been healed just in time to get out on the pavement this evening with the ladies again. Assuming I can convince my butt to remove itself from the couch it has called home for the majority of my recovery. I’m also signing up for a 10k tonight that’s in a little over two weeks. I don’t know what’s gotten into me, I’ve lost my damn mind.


Look how happy I am finishing  5 miles? I don’t understand it. I felt like collapsing, but as soon as that medal was around my neck and high fives commenced, the pain went away. Until I got home and faced my staircase that is. Never again duct tape, NEVER. AGAIN. At one point I starting ripping off the duct tape with what strength I had left and heard a gal behind me scoff and talk badly about me not taking it over to the trash. The trash can I had not seen. At that point I was about ready to fall over within eyesight of the finish and was more impressed by the fact she could speak so clearly still than I was about what she was saying. I’ll never understand grumpy runners.  I was rather knowledgeable of the fact they have working parties cleaning up the course too, so I wasn’t concerned. Me littering? Cute joke. But anyway back to the goal. I have finished the Couch to 5k program (again), and moved onto the Bridge to 10k with a tiny bit of progress since the last time I finished the programs back in Japan. The goal is to complete the entire Couch to Crazy program that has me finishing a half marathon by the end of the year. With that goal comes all of the tiny goals in between like feeling better at the beach this summer, spending time with myself, getting outdoors with the kiddos, and starting new friendships. All of which are already starting to happen. I’m very, very excited to be on this track again. I’m already looking forward to another race, and doing this one again next year, can you believe that? And I don’t even LIKE running.


Okay I kind of like running now. But I really like the outdoors, time with my kiddo, and making new friends more.  So onward and upward! Hopefully a lot of both, especially upward, because after this last race I’ve been doing a lot of downward. Towards the couch.

Have you been getting out there? I hope so! Even if you start out walking, everyone has to begin somewhere. And if this awkward tall girl can turn into a runner, I’m fairly certain anyone can.


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