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Life with cable is… interesting. You see, in Japan, we didn’t have cable at all, I caught all of my shows online and little dude watched his movies. Now, between the hotel and the In-Laws, we have cable suddenly. So between Gaspard & Lisa, Sid the Science Kid, and whatever the hell Yo Gabba Gabba is, my child has become obsessed with watching his morning cartoons. Namely Jake & The Neverland Pirates which I think is totally adorable and completely allow. But I wouldn’t be me if I let him sit and rot in front of TV every day, so off we went on a mini roadtrip, knocking off a few bucket list items of mine.



I have always wanted to go to the Hoh rainforest, but we didn’t make it happen the last few times I’d been visiting up in WA so I was rather determined this time. Hubby even let me drive in favor of no one getting car sick,and also so I could pull over at almost all of the viewpoints and drive everyone nuts. But can you blame me? This place is a constant calendar photo! Living in this part of WA is almost crazy to me, crazy in the sense that I could never ever get used to the majestic views and coffee stands every other block. The trees, the lakes, the people… it’s nothing like California. Don’t get me wrong, I love my homeland of CA, but this is different. I grew up going to Yosemite almost every Summer & Winter and this is like taking that best part of my childhood, and giving it to me 24/7. It’s glorious.

IMG_4010I’m honestly like a kid in a candy store at the moment. Problem is, I can’t buy much because I’m going to another candy store for the next three years and need to save as much money for that as possible. So I get out every few days with the family and enjoy some of the place I’d love to call home someday. I assume when I win the lottery I’ll open my B&B somewhere on the water here and tend to my horses and make yummy meals for traveling strangers. No seriously, it’s so good here, it ruins all of the other States.  I mean I haven’t been to every other State, but I’m just making the assumption it’s all crap. Kidding! If anyone wants to buy me a plane ticket to prove me wrong, then have at it.


I took about a 500 or so photos on my camera alone and somehow got it down to 300. I mean you can only look at so much moss and trees right? WRONG. This hike was perfect. Short enough that the kiddo didn’t fall off a cliff because he was bored, and long enough that I really was immersed in what seemed like a different world. I do look forward to living in NC and doing a lot of hiking/exploring, and this may have made me even more anxious to do so. It’s just where I’m happiest, out on the trails. Well it’s either that or at an aquarium, both my happy places. But anyway, enough babbling, here’s a few more photos.





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